7 Oct 2021

MORNING WELCOME | Topic: Cooking With Chef Sabrina Gomide

Sunday (10/10) | 8 am to 8:55 am

Speakers: Dr. Giuseppe D'ippolito and Dr. Luciana Costa

Shall we start our Sunday and make and have breakfast together?

We have prepared a cooking class with Chef Sabrina Gomide, from Experiente Cozinha, to start our day connected at 8 am!
We have a menu that is a mixture of coziness and well-being: a menu that reminds us of our grandmother's or mother's house. We mean, that home-cooked food that some relative or friend of yours makes and everybody loves!

Who doesn't love to remember the smell of home cooking and to recall special moments together?

Let's make an orange cake together, some quick cheese bread and strawberry smoothie.

Make sure to get your ingredients and cooking material in advance! CBR21: connection and innovation!

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