8th to the 12th
100% online

Welcome to the

Brazilian Marathon of Residents in Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis

The MBR21st  Edition

By participating in this activity you will:

  • Meet medical residents from different institutions.

  • Test, increase and even deepen your radiological knowledge.

  • Exchange experiences with different institutions.

  • Practice one of the main soft skills of today: Teamwork.

Sign up a team of two or three people. Team members need to be residents, not necessarily at the same institution. Fourth-year students are not allowed to participate.

One of the team members will be the official representative and the focal point of communication with the organizing committee.


  • The team representative MUST be registered for the CBR21, otherwise team registration will not be accepted.

  • The MBR21 will be held exclusively online, as the entire CBR21. Therefore, social media platforms and the event platform itself will be the main communication and development environments for activities.


Long Distance Race

Here the teams' breath will be tested.

  • this category takes place between October 4th and the 8th (Monday to Friday). A radiological problem will be posted on the BCR's social networks and emailed to the team representative daily.

  • here the race begins. Teams will have 12 hours to send an email to with a video response to the problem. The subject of the email should be “Marathon Response”. The video can last three minutes¹ maximum.

  • the first team to send the video, according to the time the email lands, gets 1 point.

  • The BMR21 committee will evaluate the responses, giving 1 point for each of the following criteria:
    • Description of findings;
    • Differential diagnoses;
    • Diagnosis;

  • the video response which has the highest score (maximum of 4 points) will be posted at the end of the day on the event's social media outlets. The score will also be posted on a scoreboard updated daily.

Short Distance Race

Here the speed of the teams will be measured.

  • On Monday, October 11th, at 7 pm, a digital conference with the teams² will be held on the CBR21 platform. It will be broadcast live and open to the public.

  • in this conference, several multiple-choice questions will be asked through an online application. Each answer a team gets right is worth one point, and the first team to correctly answer each given question gets an extra point.

  • at the end, the team that has the highest score, long and short distance trials combined, will be considered the winner of the MBR21.
¹ Videos longer than 3 minutes will be disqualified

² Only people enrolled in the BCR21 will have access to the Congress platform


Granting of a one-year-long access to the "Premium Education Package" from the European Society of Radiology - from January 2022 onwards - to all members of the team.

Visit the website of the European Society of Radiology to learn about the “Premium Education Package"

"The Premium Education Package”


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