When will the BCR21 take place?

The CBR21 will take place from October 8th to the 12th.

What will be the format of the BCR21?

It will be carried out 100% online, in a fully digital format.

Where will the event take place and when will entries be sent?

The event will be held on a platform uniquely created for BCR21 and access will be available in the registered area by clicking on the related icon. Remember that the links will not be sent by email.

What if I have doubts about accessing BCR21’s virtual environment?

Contact our service channels: E-mail - atendimento@cbr.org.br Telephone: (11) 3372.4556.

Are BCR’s Associate Physicians Exempted from Enrollment?

BCR’s associate physicians who have paid their annual fee up to Mar 31, 2021 are exempt from enrollment in the first phase, which will occur in the period between July 17, 2021 and Aug 10, 2021.

What is the registration period for the BCR21?

Enrollment for the BCR21 is divided into four periods, according to the following dates: 

1st Phase (July 17, 2021 to Aug 10, 2021) 

2nd Phase (Aug 11, 2021 to Sept 8, 2021) 

3rd Phase (Sept 09, 2021 to Oct 07, 2021) 

4th and last phase (Oct 10, 2021 to Oct 12, 2021)

Register in advance and guarantee a better registration fee!

Will there be hands-on workshops?

Yes. Hands-on workshops and practical demonstrations will take place on Oct 12, 2021.

Will it be necessary to register for the workshops?

Workshops are part of BCR21’s programming, however, they must be paid separately and will be available for purchase in the registration area.

How many courses can I enroll in?

Up to two courses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

How can I pay for my subscription?

Payments can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Cancellation requests will only be accepted by formal email sent to the Congress Secretary Office (atendimento@cbr.org.br), presenting the registration data and up to 30 days before the beginning of the event.

Will the Congress be recorded?

Yes. The content will be available for three months after the event closes.

Do I have to be registered for the Congress to participate in the workshops?


How should scientific papers be presented?

Virtual panels.

Will works that do not comply with the specifications of the regulation be disqualified?


What types of scientific papers will be accepted?

· Original Work: Must present research and the results on topics preferably unpublished, reflecting the experience of the authors or the institution. Must contain very clear casuistry and methodology, with their consequent results, even if not yet definitive. 

·  Iconographic Essay: Based on a subject of great interest. The main objective is to present highly illustrative images in accordance with the chosen subject. The text must be succinct, favoring visual examples. Does not need a bibliography and can refer only to a few recommended readings. Illustrations and content must be from the author and/or the institution, not collected in literature or electronic media. 

· Case  Report: Brief presentation of a single case. The case must be of interest to the specialty and have its didactic value discussed. Images should be quite illustrative.

How many papers can I submit for evaluation?

Each author may submit as many works as they wish, signed independently or in partnership with other authors.

Is there a limit on the number of co-authors?

Yes. Each paper can be signed by up to 6 (six) authors, one of whom must be identified as the main author.

What is the final date for submitting papers?

Deadline for submission of papers (abstract + 4 slides, 1 stating the purpose of the paper and 3 with illustrative images): Aug 5, 2021 

Publication of the results of approved papers and the main ones (main findings) within each subspecialty: Aug 25, 2021

 Deadline for submission of papers (full presentation): Sept 15, 2021 

Deadline for video presentation submission of the main papers approved within each subspecialty: Sept 09, 2021

Should I submit the short version of the paper or the full version?

Submission of abstract + 4 Slides (1 stating the objective of the work and 3 with illustrative images) must be made by Aug 5, 2021. 

After approval of the abstract a full presentation must be sent by Sept 09, 2021.

Can I submit a scientific paper in another language?

The abstract of the paper can be submitted in Portuguese and/or English. Papers in other languages will not be accepted. 

The complete work (final version) can be submitted in Portuguese, English and/or Spanish. Papers in other languages will not be accepted.

Which file should I send in full?

The final version to be presented at the event must be sent in a PDF file with a maximum of 30 images/pages and up to 10 MB.

Can I edit the work?

Yes, but just before clicking the “submit work” button.

Will authors receive certificates for scientific papers?

Yes. Only 01 (one) certificate will be issued to the main author for each work presented.

Is it mandatory for at least one of the authors to be registered at the BCR21 Congress?

Yes. At least one of the authors must be registered and attend the event virtually to receive the certificate.

Do I need to be registered to submit the paper?

No. Effective registration for the event can be done after evaluating your work.

Will communication be sent to all authors and co-authors of submitted papers?

All communication concerning scientific papers will be sent only to the authors who submitted their abstracts to our registered e-mail, being their responsibility to inform the respective co-authors.

What are the categories of electronic panels?

·       Ultrasonography in Gynecology 

·       Ultrasonography Obstetrics/Fetal Medicine 

·       General Ultrasonography 

·       Cardiovascular 

·       Chest 

·       Breast 

·       Internal Medicine/Genitourinary 

·       Internal/Gastrointestinal Medicine 

·       Musculoskeletal 

·       Neuroradiology 

·       Head and Neck 

·       Pediatrics 

·       Interventional Radiology 

·       Nuclear Medicine (including PET/CT ) 

·       General Radiology (including Bone Densitometry, Radiation Physics, Ionizing     Radiation, Contrast Medium and Radiological Protection) 

·       Artificial Intelligence, Management and Innovation 

·       Education in Radiology 

·       Oncology

I didn't receive the submission confirmation email for my paper. What should I do?

Should you not receive a confirmation email on the same day of your submission, it may be that the abstract was not submitted correctly. In this case, contact our related department via email: trabalhos@cbr.org.br.