October 8-12, 2021
100% online

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Dear colleagues, 

We are heading into the 50th Brazilian Congress of Radiology, in a year marked by tough moments when we still need to recreate concepts and change attitudes. Therefore, our meeting will take place October 8th-12th in a 100% virtual format. Although the event will be remote, we want to be all together and connected. We are bringing an innovative, revamped, interactive CBR21, full of  “out-of-the box” activities. 

Our main focus will be on scientific activities with substantial interaction between participants, speakers and moderators.  They will include: controversial topics, inter and transdisciplinary topics, clinical cases discussion and tutorials that bring the broad spectrum of radiology and diagnostic imaging, in seven simultaneous sessions per day. 

Do you remember a teacher you always wanted to meet to discuss a case and never had the opportunity? The “Meet with the teacher” session will approach clinical cases presented by radiologists from all over Brazil, allowing you to interact with Key Opinion Leaders. CBR21 will also hold a special session for undergraduate and young radiologists, called Foundational Education on Radiology. 

CBR21 main topic is "Our visible difference", which will discuss the role of the radiologist in the daily medical practice, taking them out from behind the workstations and negatoscopes and bringing them into light: making them noticeable for patients, colleagues, other specialties and the entire medical community. 

We invite Brazilian Radiologists to be front and center at our CBR home.

The CBR21 is planned to provide the best learning and recycling experience. 
Join us!

Dr. Valdair Francisco Muglia - CBR President
Dra. Luciana Costa - Scientific Director


Head and neck




Skeletal muscle




Female Pelvis


Foundational Education in Radiology


US General

US Gynecology

US Musculoskeletal

US Obstetrics


Innovation and Teleradiology

Professional Defense

Quality and Accreditation in Radiology



CBR Millennials


Meet with the Teacher

A Key Opinion Leader discussing relevant clinical cases with you. Your opportunity is here!

Controversial Topics

Your chance to discuss challenging topics with points of views from different experts.

What's new in the literature

Catch up with the most relevant topics that have been published in the last twelve months.

Image signals used in clinical practice

Don’t miss it! Experts from several subspecialties will be discussing how they use radiological signals in clinical practices.

Rare and Challenging Cases

What can welearn from them? This session will discuss unusual cases in daily practice. A great opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Tumor board

In each subspecialty we will have a inter and transdisciplinary teams discussion about oncological cases. Here, the highlighted topic will be the leading role of the radiologist dealing with oncological cases.

On October 12th, there will be several Workshops full of interesting content and focused on practice.

An unmissable event!

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Scientific Sessions

submit an abstract of scientific research.

It is the opportunity to present what you have been researching and developing in your clinic, hospital or university.