FEASIBLE FUTURES with Lisiane Lemos

October 8 at 8pm

The lecture Feasible Futures will bring up digital changes through innovation, growth and technology humanely speaking.

Who is Lisiane Lemos?

One of the country’s main youth leaderships, this lawyer by academic qualification and technology expert by choice has a background marked by challenge.

Lisiane is a member of the consultant council at the United Nations Population Fund, Kunumi Al and of the emeritus council at the Aware Capitalism Brazil.

In 2017 she was appointed Forbes Under 30, in 2018, Most Influential People in The African Descent in the area of business and entrepreneurship and in 2020, LinkedIn Top Voices.

She is also a guest columnist at MIT Tech Review Meteora Podcast and Fast Company Brazil. Co-leader at the Brazilian Women Group Racial Equality Committee, co-founder of 101 Counselor, African Descent Professional Network, and Blacks at Microsoft Brazil. Technology expert lawyer, worked for Microsoft and professor at PUCRS Big Data MBA.

Put it on your schedule and come with us.

Monday (10/11) | 8 am to 8:55 am

Speakers: Dr. Luis Ronan and Dr. Luciana Costa

Are you ready for CBR21?

The first step to achieve what you want is to know how to focus and direct your energy to the right places, to your goals.

Yoga can help you a lot in this mission! Come practice with us on October 11 at 8 am.

Saturday (9/10) | 8 am to 8:55 am

Speakers: Dr. Juliana Tapajós and Dr. Luciana Costa

Shall we get ready to start the day at CBR21?

Come take a Mindfulness class with us. Mindfulness meditation is something simple and powerful that benefits your focus and balance for the day. This activity is little understood by minds so used to the hustle and bustle and the need to be processing multiple tasks simultaneously, as is the case of the times we live in.

See you on October 9 at 8 am! Enjoy!

Sunday (10/10) | 8 am to 8:55 am

Speakers: Dr. Giuseppe D'ippolito and Dr. Luciana Costa

Shall we start our Sunday and make and have breakfast together?

We have prepared a cooking class with Chef Sabrina Gomide, from Experiente Cozinha, to start our day connected at 8 am!
We have a menu that is a mixture of coziness and well-being: a menu that reminds us of our grandmother's or mother's house. We mean, that home-cooked food that some relative or friend of yours makes and everybody loves!

Who doesn't love to remember the smell of home cooking and to recall special moments together?

Let's make an orange cake together, some quick cheese bread and strawberry smoothie.

Make sure to get your ingredients and cooking material in advance! CBR21: connection and innovation!

CBR promotes free participation in the Radioprotection Workshop that will take place on Tuesday, October 12, from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm, room 7.

Check out the workshop content below and register:


The workshop will address practical topics in the routine of the pediatric or adult radiologist and/or interventionist and/or Nuclear Medicine physician with recommendations for optimizing the radiation dose of radiological examinations, adequacy criteria, national and international institutions interacting with CBR.

The relevance of this workshop is to provide practical tips so as to increase knowledge in adjusting the radiation dose of radiological exams and offer the Radiology professional an update as well as betterment in patient care.


At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to:

• Improve knowledge of strategies to optimize radiation dose in daily medical practice in radiology, fluoroscopy, tomography, and PET-CT exams.

The workshop will be coordinated by Dr Mônica Oliveira Bernardo (SP) and Dr Hilton Muniz Leão Filho (SP)

Your place is guaranteed!

Our judging committee worked hard and analyzed more than five hundred scientific papers. The titles of the selected ones have already been released on our website. Access the submission area and verify if yours was chosen by clicking on the “my submissions” here.

CBR21has come up with lively, original ways to start off each of our days of activities.

How about a Yoga session? Or healthy cooking tips? There will also be a moment to practice  the mindfulness technique.

Be part of it all! Sign up here.

What about having free access for a year to the "Premium Education Package" of the European Society of Radiology? And also be entitled to participate in live events promoted by the institution?

This is the award CBR21 will give to the winning team of the Brazilian Marathon of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis!

Come take part in this educational contest. See how it works and register your team here.

Would you like to know what's new in the literature on various topics in Radiology and Medicine?

At CBR21, we will have a session entirely dedicated to this theme, with the objective of bringing to participants relevant content that is being discussed and addressed by the best specialists in multiple areas.

If you don't have time to research what the most relevant publications in the last twelve months have to offer, we got you covered!

Check out the schedule here.

The workshops of the CBR21 will be theoretical-practical courses given by top professionals in Brazilian radiology!

Register for the CBR21 and Participate!

Check the workshops schedule here.

Can you imagine being part of the event's scientific schedule and seeing your case being discussed by a renowned professor?

Now this is possible!

"Meet with the Teacher" is just one among the countless activities that are part of the scientific schedule of the Congress.

Sign up!

You can’t miss this opportunity! Registration is open for the 50th Brazilian Congress of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis, which will take place from Oct 8th to Oct 12th.

CBR21 brings you a series of new proposals for scientific activities and innovations, which will be presented simultaneously in seven different rooms.

The event will be held online with several moments for interaction.

We will discuss, among various other topics, the role of the radiologist in conducting oncology cases, trends and updates in the field. There will also be space for conversations with specialists and much more.

Join us!